Finnish commercials argue Finns make better tortillas

We have joined the modern world, and bought smart phones and a 40” TV within these last few months. This might be partly the reason I haven’t had much time for blogging lately.

In any case, I came across this wonderful Finnish commercial about a national brand of bread, Lapin Rilla, which apparently is a bit like tortillas (you can put things inside them!).

The commercial is set in a Mexican airport, where a man is caught by 2 guards trying to smuggle Lapin Rilla straight from the ovens of the Finnish city of Rovaniemi. The conclusion of the commercial is that those Lapin Rillas are even softer and fresher than “our” (Mexico’s) tortillas!

At first I just thought it was kinda funny and cute, and then I remembered this other Finnish commercial advertising orange juice:

In this one, a Mexican man is arguing with a Brazilian man about which country’s oranges taste better, until a white European looking man puts an end to their squabbling by informing them that if you mix half and half of those oranges, you get an awesome orange juice.

I saw nothing wrong with this commercial either when it was aired in a movie theatre, until our friend A. pointed out the arrogance of having the white man come and fix everything for the brown people who are not as wise as he is. Now I’m wondering whether the Lapin Rilla commercial is another example of how not even Mexicans, who invented the tortilla, can ever compete against the awesome baking skills of the Finns.

A. has ruined commercials for me. Is there such a thing as too much political correctness?

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2 Responses to Finnish commercials argue Finns make better tortillas

  1. Marvin says:

    Both adds are incredibly inaccurate.

    In the first one, the customs officers should be uninterested and say something like: you must pay fine, here now, 1,000 dollars cash… and we’re keeping the bread.

    In the second one, the moment the white guy talks, the Brazilian would put a hood over his head, the Mexican would cut off one of his fingers and post it asking for ransom.

    Just saying…

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